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Who Am I? Am I Afraid to Find Out?

We often associate God with light, and we find that light is the source of creation. But it stands to reason that to find our Self we must be in darkness where there is nothing to confirm our separateness, so why are we so afraid of the dark?

Who am I?

Who am I is probably the greatest question that humanity has ever faced. Searching for the answer to this question is the cause of wars, famine, in fact the entire corrupt nature of humanity can be traced back to one cancerous point where someone was trying to prove who they were based on an opinion, expectation or intention.

Understanding the Self Through Astral Projection

In my journey of self discovery I have studied many different forms of Self exploration. This usually was a masculine practice of stilling the mind, emptying the thoughts as completely as possible so as to rest in the witness position and watch the feminine movement of life force untainted by the distortion of intention, expectation and opinion. Although this is a great way to understand the difference between the witness and that which is being witnessed, it did not help me to understand how they function together to create what I have come to know reality.

The Mirror of Light

As we embark on our journey of self discovery we soon find that in the same way that time and space are synonymous, matter and energy share reflective positions. The energy that we bind into our idea of self is the same light pushed to points that we see as the material world.