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World Problems and Solutions

6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World

If we look hard enough there are solutions to all of the problems that face [...]

13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

Watch this video about 13 misconceptions about global warming

The Climate Change Debate: Man vs. Nature

The public discussion on climate change has become so polarized that some scientists don't even [...]

Humanity needs a Mission Statement

The Mission Statement

What is a Mission Statement?

Spiritual Life


Cymatics, from Ancient Greek: κῦμα, meaning "wave", is a subset of modal vibrational phenomena.

Who Am I? Am I Afraid to Find Out?

We often associate God with light, and we find that light is the source of [...]

Who am I?

Who am I is probably the greatest question that humanity has ever faced. Searching for [...]

Ode to Existence

The discovery that who you were before your mother and father conceived you is who [...]

Dissolving the Beast of Burden through Realizing the Powers of the Sphinx

As one finds oneself in this great Dream we all share called Existence, to whatever [...]

Understanding the Self Through Astral Projection

In my journey of self discovery I have studied many different forms of Self exploration. [...]


Taking the unknown and making it known is the human experience. We do this through [...]

Examining the Difference between the Brain and the Mind

The difference between the Brain and the mind is that the brain is reactive, and [...]

Awakening Through the Wisdom of the Heart

Awakening Through the Wisdom of the Heart Chapter 3

Hart needed to unwind after the pressures he had been under, he needed to unwind [...]

Awakening through the Wisdom of the Heart Chapter 2

Geoffry Hart was nervous about meeting a board of directors that had funded his research [...]

Awakening Through the Wisdom of the Heart Chapter 1

Geoffrey Hart was a psychologist on the verge of a breakthrough within his newfound paradigm [...]

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