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The Knower is the final statement.

It says: “I am one. I am the self. I am that which you are. I am the goal. I know and I know that I know”.

The Knower functions as the self.

The Knower is the goal of the Nameless One. He is the final pictured book in the scroll that the Nameless One unrolls.

The Book of T

Ode to Existence

The discovery that who you were before your mother and father conceived you is who you will be when you die and is in fact the sum total of your awareness at this very moment. There is nothing that can be said or done to achieve this awareness, we can only undo or unsay that which has been done or said already, it is this very process that can be felt as love and it can only be felt, it is then that we realize that we are here to discover our light bodies so that they may be united as none.

Understanding the Self Through Astral Projection

In my journey of self discovery I have studied many different forms of Self exploration. This usually was a masculine practice of stilling the mind, emptying the thoughts as completely as possible so as to rest in the witness position and watch the feminine movement of life force untainted by the distortion of intention, expectation and opinion. Although this is a great way to understand the difference between the witness and that which is being witnessed, it did not help me to understand how they function together to create what I have come to know reality.


Taking the unknown and making it known is the human experience. We do this through our labeling process which comes from the process of comparison that we have been talking about; the purpose of any meditative
technique is to reverse or undo this process, to take the known and make it unknown (putting your attention equally on every point of awareness {masculine} or retracting your attention completely and dissipating into
the energetic movement that is created as each point let go moves to find its counterpart {feminine}). This is why most spiritual teachers will insist
that enlightenment is a process of letting go as opposed to finding or grasping as grasping is the human experience we are attempting to undo.

Examining the Difference between the Brain and the Mind

The difference between the Brain and the mind is that the brain is reactive, and the mind is proactive, (an emotional scale). Everything is always suspended in the mind until received – manifested through opinion, expectation, or intention.

The Mirror of Light

As we embark on our journey of self discovery we soon find that in the same way that time and space are synonymous, matter and energy share reflective positions. The energy that we bind into our idea of self is the same light pushed to points that we see as the material world.