Who am I? Am I afraid to find out?

According to Jean Piaget we are born with only two fears, the fear of heights and the fear of loud noise, all other fears are conditioned from this point on; that is there are deep seeded programs that puppet responses to the environment based on previous experience, interactions and labelling of certain familiar patterns.

Fear seems to be the driving force of all activity and is synonymous with desire. Desire is rooted in wanting to be something that you are not but if you are already everything then the whole concept of desire must be correlated with separation. Fear is the driving force of separation and self-defeat. “Who am I?” becomes the vehicle to understanding this fear.

The first step to extending into any aspect of spiritual awakening is to identify the networks that are drawn upon to cause your reaction to certain environmental cues. For example, when the lights go out most people tend to get into a state of fear because they can’t see anything to relate to and so their imagination goes in all different directions, often out of control. This simply takes away the ability to focus, or put your attention on, any one particular cluster of stimuli.

Logic could tell us that true balance and enlightenment can only come from the dark as this is the only way everything can truly be equal, untainted by label or comparisons.

There in the darkness lay infinite possibilities to reach out into. Unfortunately, almost the entire structure of our conditioning is based around sight (if we don’t see it, it doesn’t exist) which is simply the relationship between light and certain clusters of atoms that in turn are created by our focusing that light to points.

We as the people of the world only share a handful of cultural similarities across most of humanity and the light associated with happiness, bliss, heaven, and afterlife is one such similarity.

What does this have to do with Identification you ask? Well there is a difference in the way you interact within the environment given these two different circumstances of darkness and light. It is very unimportant to try and understand why there is a difference, this will come in time, but as we take our baby steps forward we must keep everything as simple as possible.

In the light there is always something to keep the mind distracted as the environment is riddled with conflicts to try and reconcile. Darkness is a different story as the only thing you can relate to is your inner self. I remember as a boy walking alone in the dark I would get scared and for some reason if I made loud noises I felt better. I thought that it may have been an attempt at luring the demons out of the shadows, so I could see them if they were there or distract the mind from scary thoughts, but as I saw later it was just a reaction to the fear of the unknown.

You will see that for some reason while making a simple noise of some type you can direct your theatre, mould your environment with words or sounds.

Perhaps we can entertain the possibility that we define our position by the attention that we think is placed upon us by various aspects of the environment and in the dark we are unsure how to measure the extent of this.

“I” is a statement of position and unless we know what this position is relative to, we fall into the same fear of death, an eternal blackness. There is a theory that the Universe is created by sound, this becomes interesting when we examine Cymatics. The sun is just matter (mostly hydrogen) that was clustered together and moving so fast that the friction is causing it to change, through nuclear fusion, to helium; the energy that is released from this interaction is sent in all directions developing a relationship with everything it comes in contact with but only recognizing those that are moving in the same way in its dimension.

The theory suggests that all the matter in the universe that we see could have been vibrated into clusters with sound, maybe the sound of itself dividing…in a big bang? Perhaps gravity is the voice of God calling us all back together to unite as One.

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